In Europe, Xbox Series sales have exceeded PS5 for the first time

The month of February 2022 is to mark a milestone for Microsoft, with its Xbox Series having thus succeeded, for the first time, in outclassing the playstation5 in terms of sales recorded in Europe. Despite everything, Nintendo continues to lead the dance in this territory.

The recipe for success for a console is not written in stone. Who could have predicted that it would be enough for the Wii U to be a little more portable, and to completely change its name, to make a splash around the world? And for Microsoft, who would have thought that with Xbox Series with thin exclusives, a commercial advance could have been observed in the face of competition from Sony?

Based on the latest market report from GSD, reports that last February, monthly sales of Xbox Series were higher than those of PlayStation 5 in Europe. It should be noted that the scores were established for ten continental European countries, not including Germany and the United Kingdom. However, VGC understands that such a situation has been observed across the Channel.

European console sales: in February 2022, Xbox ahead of PlayStation but behind Nintendo

How to explain this sudden superiority of Xbox over PlayStation? In either case, we continue to suffer from supply problems, and this is precisely where the American firm is doing well. The Xbox Series S is thus intended to be the most accessible model, and not only at the stock level. It is indeed the least expensive console of the current generation, with in return lower performance than for the X model and the impossibility of using discs.

This overtaking does not change anything at the top, where Nintendo’s Switch has been installed for a while. With sales certainly down 14% compared to February 2021, but up 52% ​​if we compare them to those of February 2020, before the pandemic.

Total console sales are down 32% since January 2022, a decrease that jumps to 44% when putting those numbers against those seen in February last year.


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