In Germany, a particle accelerator feels the vibrations... of a hard rock band!

In Germany, a particle accelerator feels the vibrations… of a hard rock band!

The scientists of DESY, a German research center with a linear particle accelerator, had quite a shock when they consulted the readings of the seismometers for the evening of June 16. For no apparent reason, the sensors were totally carried away, but the researchers were quick to know the rather unusual origin of these vibrations. The fact is that only 2 km from the research center was held the concert of the famous metal band Rammstein, known for not doing auditory lace. The hard rock band led by Till Lindemann really gave everything that evening, to the point that the seismometers of the accelerator recorded much higher vibrations than usual.

“Hello Rammstein! You rocked our particle accelerator!” the scientists said humorously on DESY’s Twitter account. Rest assured, these untimely vibrations did not damage the instruments and did not falsify the general data either, given that it was relatively easy to isolate the incident on the graphs. And for those who doubt that a Rammstein concert will shake the seismometers, here is a short clip:

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