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Is She-Hulk the funny and sassy comedy announced? Verdict after four episodes of the new Marvel series.

While Marvel is sticking to its track record on the big screen, the franchise is allowing itself a few lapses in the small skylight. New inspirations, new formats and above all new characters, the Maison des Idées no longer refuses anything.

After the teen movie with Miss Marvelsitcoms with Wanda vision, the studios explore this time the universe of judicial series with She-Hulk. Superheroic production requires, it nevertheless has some specificities. Series she hulk did she make us see the green half empty? Critical.

Jennifer Walters is a seemingly normal lawyer. Aside from being related to one of the planet’s most famous superheroes, this young lawyer leads a completely ordinary existence. She navigates between her single life and her professional responsibilities. A balance that will be put to the test when she accidentally receives a few drops of Bruce Banner’s blood.

Quickly, there is no doubt, she has the ability to transform into a huge, uncontrollable green monster. Uncontrollable? Not really since unlike her cousin, she seems to have full control of her faculties. His life will not be a long calm river for all that. After losing her job, she is entrusted with a team of lawyers specializing in superhero law. Through these different cases, Jennifer Walters will learn to deal with this new identity and the responsibilities that flow from it.

Lawyer She-Hulk
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Let’s say it right away, the series is inspired by many iconic productions of the genre. Of New York Judicial Police at SuitsPassing by Drop Dead Diva, the production of Jessica Gao is not new. However, at Marvel, within a very marked universe, it at least has the merit of exploring new grounds.

We will briefly discuss the judicial aspect of Daredevil, the Netflix-developed series not officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Matt Murdock made an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Homethis is the first time that the franchise has explored these paths within its own license.

In the act of fan service

You will not have missed it, Marvel makes it a point of honor to link its productions to each other. Rare are the films and series to evolve completely freely. Recently, we can cite Moon Knight which had never referenced another MCU production.

For she hulk, it is quite the opposite. The series relies on its close connection with the Avengers to attract the curious. The references, guests and other easter eggs are numerous, the series does not hide its intentions. Through several camera faces, the series has fun constantly breaking the fourth wall and referring to this fan service which has earned the studios many criticisms.

Moreover, it is essentially with this word that we could summarize the chaotic first episode. This coarse introduction ticks all the boxes of the genre, and never manages to find the right tempo. She eludes a lot, sometimes lingers too long, and suffers from a real rhythm problem.

she hulk
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she hulk then appears as a merry mess, which struggles to convince us. The series tries to do too much, a bit like a child who can’t manage to channel himself. References to MCU films and series abound but the narration forgets to build a real origin story.

The presence of Hulk alias Bruce Banner does not help, he replays the scene of the mentor that we have seen hundreds of times. Fortunately, the second episode serves as a pitch for what the series will be in the future.

Who wants to do gender justice

Since the emergence of SVOD platforms, series are less true serial productions than fragmented films. Netflix is ​​also a past master in the genre, doing so for all or almost all of its content. On Disney+, series in the very academic sense of the term are less of a minority.

Wanda vision had, for example, wanted to pay homage to sitcoms by adopting their narration. Same strategy for The Mandalorianwhose episodic construction was the main argument.

she hulk uses this formula by exploring several legal cases in each episode, at least in the four chapters that we have been able to watch. It must be said that there are many aspects to explore, the arrival of superheroes becomes a real headache for law enforcement officials and institutions.

She Hulk Nikki Ramos
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This is where the series finds its strength. If we regret the way in which the narration flies over certain issues, we have to admit that we rather take pleasure in seeing Jennifer Walters take hold of these cases. Less ceremonial than Daredevil, the series mixes comedy and legal battle with a certain relaxation. If we could fear this mixture of genres, the series finally manages to distill its inspirations sparingly. We sketch a few smiles, we laugh frankly at times, and the performance of Tatiana Maslany is not for nothing.

The actress, who had already proven herself in the series Orphan Black, replicates the exploit. With an undeniable capital sympathy, she manages to convince the spectators… finally the jurors. Still, the whole thing sometimes lacks a bit of subtlety, especially in its feminist approach. The series supports its argument with long militant tirades. At least the message has the merit of getting through. And then at the turn of a failed meeting, she hulk finally seems to have found its tempo. The series has fun hijacking the clichés of romantic comedies, to give body to its main character and the issues she has to face.

Crime against good taste

The first images shared by Disney+ were far from engaging. While the House of Ideas is at the heart of a controversy over its visual effects, the rendering of the series confirms that by wanting to do too much… you end up getting lost in an ocean of bad taste.

Recently, many VFX artists shared the struggles they faced while working on Marvel’s various projects. Unrealistic deadlines, backtracking and small savings, they denounce the studios’ strategy. It must be said that in the cinema and on Disney +, they are not idle.

But to be able to keep this schedule, the firm of Kevin Feige must make some concessions. Obviously, it’s the realism of the visual effects that wins. If some improvements, compared to the first trailers, are on the program, we are still very far from a satisfactory rendering. The texture, or rather the lack of texture, the light, everything in this series recalls the bad times of television.

she hulk
Credits: Disney+

The same goes for the highly controversial choice of She-Hulk’s silhouette. If it is much less sexualized than in some comics, it is sorely lacking in scope. We would have liked to see it completely reinvent itself, to really serve the narrative. Why the hell does she have a Farrah Fawcett blow-dry with every transformation?

Moreover, the series explores the visual codes of the genre without ever really standing out. It should be noted that if they are rather confusing at the beginning, the camera looks and other interactions with the public are finally what allows the series to find a semblance of identity.

We will briefly pass over the scenes of cartoonish confrontations in the first episode, which contribute to making she hulk a series of brig and crap. It is hoped that the series will pay homage to the characters who are soon to make their entrance, starting with Daredevil. One can’t forgive a lapse when it comes to the beloved Marvel fan character.

In any case, the first four episodes of she hulk, although confusing, are ultimately quite heartening. If everything is far from perfect, the series still has five episodes to prove itself. Verdict next october 13on the occasion of the broadcast of the final episode of the series. Until then, you still have nine episodes to deliberate.

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