In Japan, fully equipped apartments for rent for players

What does life as an avid video gamer look like? To find out, it’s simple, just buy a competition tower… Or rent a fully equipped apartment for intensive practice!

All you need is a smartphone or console to play a video game. But players who want more or who want to embark on a career in esports should consider acquiring a PC tower, a desk, a competition chair and the appropriate peripherals. A real investment, both in terms of time and money!

Play without having to move everything

In Japan, the company Basara (which is precisely specialized in e-sport) offers fully equipped apartments for rent: not only are there a bed and furniture, but also a complete PC with its screen, a mouse and a selectable keyboard (50 possible combinations), the essential desk and chair.

Several formulas are proposed, depending on the power of the computer. The “Beginner” rental at 39,000 yen (around 300 euros) thus includes a PC with Core i7, 480 GB of SSD and a GeForce GTX1650. The most expensive rental, “Elite”, is also the most interesting from a gaming point of view with a computer equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor, 1 TB of SSD and a GeForce RTX3070Ti. All for 69,000 yen (535 euros). It is possible to request a “streamer” option with a webcam and a microphone.

Rather attractive prices, therefore, which are offered in two buildings based in Séndaï, in the prefecture of Miyagi (Tohoku region), a metropolis located 350 km north of Tokyo. Basara hopes to deploy its concept elsewhere in Japan, by declining it for digital graphic designers and video creators who will be entitled to specific equipment (monitors on articulated arms, graphic tablets).

While graphics cards and more generally computer equipment are commodities that are becoming scarce, the idea is actually quite good!

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