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In New York, Squid Game costumes are banned in schools for Halloween

While some students reproduce games from the Netflix series, Squid Game costumes are banned in some New York City schools.

This year, in the midst of witches and vampires, it will not be rare to come across black masks with geometric shapes. As La Casa de Papel before her, the series Squid Game will inspire many Halloween lovers, who will no doubt want to celebrate this spooky day as a character from the series airing on Netflix. Moreover, products derived from Squid Game have invaded the shelves of joke and joke stores for a few weeks.

But this sudden popularity doesn’t appeal to everyone, especially the superintendent of a New York school district. After seeing that many students reproduced the games in the series, such as the 1,2,3 deadly sun from the first episode for example, he decided to ban all costumes inspired by Squid Game in his schools. The goal is obviously to discourage children who would like to indulge in violent games, while insisting that this kind of content is not suitable for their age.

“Some of our younger students talk about and imitate aspects of the show at school. Parents and guardians have the opportunity to talk about it themselves with their children and reinforce the school’s message that games associated with violent behavior are not appropriate for recess. ” explains the superintendent.

A series not recommended for under 16s

In France, it is the CSA which determines the classification of audiovisual productions. This indicator helps parents choose content appropriate to the age of their children and thus avoid exposing them to violent or sexually explicit images. The same principle applies for video games, with PEGI 18 to name just one.

On Netflix, too, the classification makes it possible to know the minimum age required for viewing a series. We can therefore only advise you too well to pay attention to the classification displayed on Netflix. Note that it is also possible to create child accounts, which only group together series and films suitable for the youngest. Thanks to parental controls, also available from the application, you will be able to ensure that your child does not watch inappropriate videos or content.

Note that for more security, you can configure a pin code that prevents access to your profile. This is what Netflix recalled during an interview with Deadline.

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