In Norway, combustion-powered cars represent less than 10% of car sales

The future of the automobile is undeniably electric. Among the most advanced countries in this field, Norway is far ahead: sales of cars with traditional engines now represent only a very small share. And it will not get better!

The European Commission intends to order an exit from thermal in 2035, and again: France pleads for plug-in hybrid engines to be maintained beyond this, for the very good reason that it is one of the strong technological choices of hexagonal builders.

An early exit from thermal

Norway does not wait for Brussels or Paris to move forward at its own pace towards the end of gasoline. Thermal propulsion cars indeed represent less than 10% of the total new registrations, ie the level reached by electric vehicles in France! The Scandinavian country is well ahead of the rest of Europe, and the world, in its energy transition.

Since the start of the year, electric cars have accounted for 60% of the new vehicle market, while hybrids account for 32%. Among the most popular models are the Mustang Mach-E (Ford) and the Skoda Enyaq.

The rest is divided between gasoline and diesel, before an extinction of sales which could not be long later. Of course, this does not mean that all Norwegian drivers drive electric or hybrid: the fleet still has a lot of thermal vehicles.

But little by little, this segment of the market is suffocated by clean engines. Norway has set itself a very ambitious goal: an exit from thermal energy in 2025, ten years ahead of the rest of Europe. A bet on the way to being successful. So why not elsewhere?

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