In the event of cyberwar, this French antivirus is an ultra-effective shield

In the event of cyberwar, this French antivirus is an ultra-effective shield

In these times, and with the increasing number of cyberattacks, it is better to have effective protection. And for that, there’s nothing like a cybersecurity solution adapted to your device.

If you have a Windows machine, you can choose known antivirus software such as Bitdefender, Norton, McAfee, Avast Antivirus, etc… On the other hand, if you have an Apple computer, be aware that there is a tailor-made solution that adapts and protects you much better than those mentioned above.

The specialist in this field is Intego. If you have never heard of it until now, know that it is a French company that has been developing several software for Mac for more than 25 years. And among its flagship products, we find its antivirus, the best for Apple computers. Thanks to a solid reputation acquired over the years, no less than 30 million users around the world trust it today.

This weekend, the antivirus for Mac Intego is on promotion at -60% and its price drops to only 19.99 euros. It’s an excellent deal since it usually costs 49.99 euros for one year. From a financial point of view, that gives the subscription less than 2 euros per month. It’s really cheap considering the high level of protection it offers. Moreover, to convince you, you have a free trial period of 30 days.

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Also, it is strongly recommended to avoid free antiviruses which, logically, do not offer a level of security as effective as paid ones. Indeed, it is better to start with a solution that costs around twenty euros, like the one offered by Intego and to have the assurance of having the best protection on the market.

Intego: the #1 antivirus for Mac

Why Intego is the number one antivirus for Apple computers? Well, if you didn’t know it already, be aware that the security vulnerabilities that affect Macs are specific to these machines. Indeed, they are very different from those that can be seen on computers running Windows.

With this in mind, Intego has specialized in the detection of flaws but only on the Apple OS. In this way, over the years, he has acquired great expertise in this area and knows how to quickly identify the different types of threats likely to jeopardize your Mac. Whether it’s phishing attempts, botnets, ransomware, spam etc… none escapes him.

Moreover, it is not for nothing that AV-test after having tested it placed it on the highest step of the podium and even awarded it the title of best antivirus for Mac on the market. Also, Intego offers real ease of use. The antivirus performs the various tasks (scan, analysis, detection) in the background, discreetly. It does not display many (often useless) pop-ups when it scans your computer. Without superfluous, it does the job you ask of it without being intrusive. This way you can stay focused on your work.

Intego stands out as the number one antivirus for Mac. Also, if in addition to effectively protecting your Apple computer from cyberattacks, you want to optimize it, you can also opt for Intego’s all-in-one solution. Baptized Mac Premium Bundle in addition to integrating the publisher’s antivirus offers other very useful tools.

In detail, you get the Washing Machine, cleaning software for Mac which when it comes into action, allows you to restore your machine to its first day speed. Then you have a tool to have control over your backups in the cloud. And finally, an essential parental control tool, so you can rest easy in case your children use your Mac too.

The good news is that this pack is also on sale this weekend. Thus, you can acquire the Intego all-in-one solution at 29.99 euros instead of 84.99 euros. This is the price for the one-year subscription. For ten euros more than the antivirus, you have the best of the best in terms of security and optimization software for your Mac. This Mac Premium Bundle allows you to be effectively protected, but also to have a constantly up-to-date and high-performance machine. And to familiarize yourself with its operation, and at the same time convince you of its effectiveness, you also have 30 days of free trial.

To discover the complete Intego solution, it’s here:

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To buy only the antivirus, it’s here:

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