In this new school year, what are the must-see series with CANAL+?

Fans of series, you will love the start of the new school year on CANAL+. A slew of new programs are joining the catalog, just to end the holidays well.

The summer holidays are coming to an end but nothing to be too sad about either: CANAL+ is offering a multitude of new series for this new school year. Whether you want to laugh, cry, both or shiver, there is something for everyone with CANAL+. We take stock together…

Conversations with Friends

Two inseparable friends, Bobbi and Frances. And this, despite their breakup. A married couple, Nick and Melissa. A meeting that will change everything. When these two Irish poets cross paths with Melissa and Nick, their very strong relationship will be undermined. Joys, sorrows… Conversations with Friends will make you feel many emotions.

After conquering the world with Normal People, the adaptation of which is available with CANAL+, Sally Rooney’s first novel is in turn adapted for the small screen. The book has, moreover, moved so many readers that it allowed its author to obtain the prize for the best young writer of the year given by The Sunday Times. Conversations with Friendsit is to be discovered from the August 25 on CANAL+.

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House of the Dragon

There are series that mark their era. This is the case of Game Of Thrones. After a rather disappointing finale for fans, the iconic series offers a prequel that should shake the entire Internet. House of the Dragon takes place 300 years before the events of Game Of Thrones and invites us to discover the origins of House Targaryen.

A scorching spin-off awaits fans, who will learn more about the civil war called “the dance of the dragons”, the very one that led to the loss of the dragons of the famous dynasty and the beginning of their downfall. Princess Rhaenyra faces Queen Alicent Hightower, and her son Aegon.

Everything that made the success of Game Of Thronesnamely epic music, artistic direction with small onions and many political plots will be at the rendezvous in House of the Dragonavailable from August 22 on OCS via the CANAL+ Ciné Séries offer.

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She-Hulk: Lawyer

She’s a lawyer, she’s powerful, she’s green, and she’s funny. This is Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin. After the Hulk gives her his blood, and hence his powers, to save her, she is Miss Hulk. She will have to tame her new powers, and the responsibilities that go with them. she hulk regularly breaks the fourth wall, for an offbeat and quite comical effect.

She-Hulk: Lawyer can be discovered now on Disney+ via the CANAL+ Ciné Séries offer.

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Peaky Blinders – Complete

That’s it, Peaky Blinders is over, its sixth and final season has been available since last June. If you’re not yet familiar with England’s most notorious sharp beret gang, we invite you to devour the entire Peaky Blinders now. During six thrilling seasons, go back to the last century and dive into the poor neighborhoods of Birmingham where you will cross paths with the powerful and oh so dangerous Shelby family, led by Tommy.

Breathtaking direction, complex characters and exceptional interpretation, Peaky Blinders is a must-see series. This is happening on Netflix via the CANAL+ Ciné Séries offer.

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False Flag – Season 3

After two highly acclaimed first seasons, False Flag returns for a third batch of episodes. In the middle of the evening in Cyprus, employees of an Israeli high-tech company are poisoned. Very quickly, three women are accused of what could be the biggest terrorist attack. But Inspector Eitan disagrees with the Cypriot police. To be found since August 15 with CANAL +.

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Of course, many other programs are joining the CANAL+ catalog this month and this is only a non-exhaustive list of programs to discover. What series are you looking forward to discovering at home? Here, we are curious to see the result of House of the Dragon.

Note that for any subscription to a CANAL + offer with commitment before October 12, you benefit from a 50 euro discount via the links in this article. At the moment, the CANAL + / Netflix / beIN Sport Limited Series offer is at 29.99 euros per month for the first 12 months (before going to 40.99 euros per month). But if you want to be sure not to miss anything, the CANAL+ Ciné Séries subscription at 34.99 euros per month for the first 12 months (then 40.99 euros, with a 24-month commitment) is ideal since it allows you to take advantage of CANAL+ but also OCS, Netflix and Disney+. The total combo.

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