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In turn, the United Kingdom bans all exports of aerospace equipment to Russia

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine. This is an act that the international community condemns, and which has prompted several countries to impose sanctions against Russia.

Many nations such as the United States and European countries have already announced that they want to impose both economic and trade sanctions against Russia. But these are not the only sectors affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine since the aerospace sector will also be affected.

On Wednesday March 9, the United Kingdom, through its Foreign Minister, announced new sanctions. This time, all space material exports to Russia will be banned. There will also be even tougher sanctions on Russian planes.

The scope of these new sanctions

The bans announced by Minister Elizabeth Truss are thus accompanied by other aviation-related measures, including the authorization to ground Russian planes.

Space-related sanctions consist of prohibiting all exports of aeronautical and space products and technologies to Russia. This also applies to any technical assistance in the field.

The new sanctions also include related services, namely the insurance sector. This means that British insurers and reinsurers are prohibited from providing services to Russian companies working in the sector.

Sanctions to reinforce those that already exist

These new sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom were announced to reinforce the already severe economic sanctions against Russia. In the space field, they join those already announced by the United States. US President Joe Biden had indeed declared that the measures taken by his country against Russia would lead to the degradation of the latter’s space program.

The British Foreign Secretary also said that her country would continue to support Ukraine in the conflict between it and Russia. The support will be diplomatic, economic and defensive, and it will also consist of isolating Russia internationally.

SOURCE: Space.com

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