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Incredible discovery of old gold straws

Nowadays, the archaeologists continue to ask questions about the lives of men and civilizations that lived before the current era. Thus, recent research has brought to light very old gold straws. Indeed, these ancient finds of several hundreds of years could provide more answers to existing questions.

It would actually be thin tubes made of gold and silver found in the northwest of Caucasus which would have been manufactured at the age of bronze. According to scientists, they are the oldest drinking straws in the world. Thus, measurements carried out made it possible to determine that the size of these straws is approximately 1 meter or 3 feet.

The objects thus discovered are stored in the Hermitage Museum in Saint PETERSBOURG. Victor Trifonov, an archaeologist at the Institute of Material Culture History of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg was one of the researchers in the field.

The real purpose of the straws still unknown

Indeed, after the discovery of these objects in 1987, the opinions of scientists have differed on their true purpose. As a result, some scientists believe that it would be pillars or scepters, poles for a canopy or even a bundle of rods which fit into arrowheads. For others, it would simply be old straws.

Thus, according to Trifonov and his colleagues, none of the ideas explained why these artifacts were hits rather than strong posts. The team therefore decided to re-analyze the tubes. Trifonoy continued in these terms: “Even the exquisite bull figurines attached to it can be both a decoration and a technical element to balance the device. »

However, some ideas began to gain strength within the scientific community. For them, the tubing were probably drinking straws, designed to aspire a drink, probably beer.

Straws surely intended for the consumption of beer

In order to find answers to their concerns, the scientists cross-checked information all over the world. They discovered that at Middle East, ancient people fermented barley into beer about 13,000 years. Moreover, other discoveries prove that the ancients Sumerians drank beer through long reeds.

Separately, the team sampled the residue inside one of the artifacts and found evidence of starch granules barley, grain particles and a pollen of a lime tree. Trifonov added that: “The Maikop tubes have metal strainers that “would help filter impurities common in old beer. »


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