Insta360 Link test, when you want the best in video or streaming

We did not expect it on this market but Insta360 has just announced its very first webcam. We spent the last two weeks, here is our test of the Insta360 Link.

To everyone’s surprise, Insta360, which we mainly knew for its action cameras like the GO 2 (in test HERE) or the One RS, has launched itself into a whole new market and not the least since it is that of webcams , ultra dominated by big names like Logitech. Here is the brand new Insta360 Linka stabilized 4K webcam aimed at professionals or even streamers.

The best thing is that I tell you about it in person 🙂

I take advantage of the offer


We are not going to lie to each other, when we talk about webcams, we think of those embedded in the upper screen edge of our laptops or of models with a design which, whatever happens, will make us think above all of Logitech products, at least with us. In short, all that to say that the Insta360 Link looks more like a camera than a webcam and that’s good!

Insta360 Link

Indeed, when we discover the Insta360 Link for the first time, we have the impression of discovering the DJI Pocket 2 on which we would have cut the screen and the battery. The Insta360 Link is therefore presented as a camera in a 3-axis stabilized gimbal. Yes, it’s a gimbal but it won’t necessarily be used to stabilize the video. We remind you that it is a webcam so unless you are in a mobile office, there will not necessarily be much to stabilize. On the other hand, this 3-axis gimbal will allow the Link to follow all your movements and keep the user in the frame. Practice.

The nacelle rests on an integrated clip that can be placed on any screen, regardless of the inclination. There is no battery, we remind you once again that it is a webcam and not a camera. The Link therefore connects via USB and there is also a 1/4″ screw thread on the integrated clip which will allow the Link to be mounted on any table tripod or stream support.


While market leaders still often only offer Full HD, the Insta360 Link offers support for 4K at 30 fps (or up to 60fps in Full HD). To do this, the Link has a 1/2″ format sensor, subject tracking assisted by artificial intelligence, phase detection autofocus, control via hand gestures, 2 noise-cancelling microphones and as well as other modes.

Insta360 Link

The advantage of such a sensor is that it provides better image quality or even higher dynamic range than any competitor on the market. Even an HDR mode is available just in case (despite a limit of videos in HD or Full HD). The gimbal can also go into Portrait mode to capture video in 9:16 format, which allows a better experience for the interlocutors. You just need to activate Portrait mode in the Link Controller application (Windows and macOS).

AI always at the heart of everything

As seen with the announcement, the Insta360 Link is AI boosted. The latter thus allows access to several functions and not the least since the webcam uses AI tracking to follow the movements of the user by keeping him centered in the frame. We also have the possibility of controlling the webcam from hand gestures to activate, for example, tracking or not, zooming or others. Handy for presentations, as is the Desktop View mode that allows users to quickly switch between showing their face and their tabletop.

Insta360 Link

The Insta360 Link also offers other functions such as:

  • Whiteboard mode: Highlight an area of ​​your whiteboard to better present your ideas to your students or meeting participants.
  • Portrait mode: Live stream with a 9:16 view
  • Overhead mode: Capture vertical views with the webcam mounted on a table stand, perfect for unboxing a product or sketching out a design.

And finally, when not using the Insta360 Link, it automatically points down within 10 seconds of inactivity to ensure your privacy is protected.

Link Controller

It is the application under Windows or macOS that will allow you to adjust the parameters of the Insta360 Link. We can for example launch the gesture control, the Whiteboard mode which uses the 4 small stickers delivered as standard to straighten the board for a straight display. This mode was designed primarily for teachers, for example.

You can also, with a single click, launch the desktop or above views. For the latter, it will still be necessary to have a Setup above you while the Desktop View mode will only look at 45°. The view is a little stretched due to the angle but it’s still handy for showing something on your desk.

And finally, we will have access to advanced settings for the Insta360 Link such as tracking speed, framing options, automatic exposure, focus or focus. And finally, we can define up to 6 predefined positions to quickly switch between positions.

I take advantage of the offer


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