Instagram copies TikTok with new Add Yours feature

The social network has just launched a new feature to allow Internet users to interact directly in story. A tool that is reminiscent of the TikTok Duos.

After allowing all of its users to use the sticker “link” in their stories – a feature until now reserved for influencers, Instagram is deploying a new tool dedicated to stories. The social network belonging to the brand new Meta group has just launched a new sticker internationally, called Add Yours. After a few weeks of testing in Japan and Indonesia last month, Instagram now seems ready to formalize things in a post on Twitter.

Like the other interactive stickers already on Instagram, the sticker Add Yours will allow any user of the platform to rits interactive stories, by inviting its followers to add their own content. Concretely, these “Mini-stories” will be accessible via a dedicated sticker, and will allow several users to collaborate on the same theme, from their outfit of the day, to a specific IRL event. The author of the main story will be able to keep an eye on the responses to his shared story, and thus promote exchanges with his community.

Like a Duo tune … only better

Obviously, this new feature deployed by Instagram is reminiscent of TikTok’s Duos, which allow a user to respond to someone’s video by adding their own content. Compared to the Bytedance platform however, the Add Yours of Instagram will condense all the responses of Internet users within a single dedicated storye, making it much more accessible. Conversely, TikTok still does not allow you to centralize all the Duos of an original video.

Once again, this new development comes at a crucial time for Instagram, which is looking to retain influencers from the start. At a time when TikTok is gaining more and more audience on the social networks market, Mark Zuckerberg’s various platforms now intend to become real springboards for creators of content, increasingly seeking tools. intended to retain their community … but also to monetize their work.

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