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Instagram is testing a system of reminders to take breaks

Instagram has started a new test within its app that invites users to take a break. It is currently offered for some users and deployment for all is expected to take place in a month or two.

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A pause function in test on Instagram

The operation is simple: the user chooses the number of minutes he wants to spend on Instagram. There are three options: 10, 20 or 30 minutes. As soon as he reaches the set threshold, Instagram displays a message inviting him to take a break. The user can then close the application and do something else to limit his use of the social network. As soon as he is ready to use it again, he will just have to open the application and touch the blue button that appears.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri let know that this new option is opt-in. This means that the user must activate it on their own if they wish. Conversely, opt-out means that an option is enabled by default and it is up to the user to disable it if they do not want it. Also, Adam Mosseri indicates: “We worked with third-party experts and got advice on tips to implement and how to manage breaks”.

The novelty test begins this week with a few Instagram users. It will take a month or two to normally have it with 100% of users.

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