Instagram Ordre Chronologique Favoris Accueil

Instagram is testing the comeback of timeline display

Instagram had promised the return of the timeline for 2022 and here we are. The social network begins a test phase with three new options, including chronological order.

Instagram Chronological order Favorites Home

Chronological order is back on Instagram

The first option is called Home (probably Accueil in French). This is the experience already available today. Instagram itself chooses the display order of photos and videos according to its algorithm. It is based on several elements, including interactions. A post that has a lot of interactions will be featured more than another.

As a second option, we find Favorites. Each user will be able to put such and such person in favorites. This will allow to have a dedicated feed to see only their publications and thus make sure not to miss any.

Finally, Instagram offers a third option which is called Following (probably Subscriptions in French) with the famous chronological display. The photos and videos are displayed in the order in which they were published, without any intervention by the social network.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri says the testing phase has started. He adds that universal availability is expected to be in the first half of 2022, but there isn’t a more specific date yet.

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