Instagram Verification Age Selfie Video

Instagram scans users’ faces to verify their age

Instagram is implementing a new system of scanning users’ faces to determine their age and ensure they are of legal age. The test first takes place in the United States.

Instagram Verification Age Selfie Video

If a minor user tries to change their date of birth on Instagram to become an adult, a verification takes place. He has to send a copy of his ID card, record a selfie video or ask three friends to confirm his age. “We’re testing this system to make sure teens and adults get an age-appropriate experience. We also partner with Yoti, a company specializing in online age verification, to ensure data privacy.”explains the social network.

For the video, an artificial intelligence determines if the person is beautiful and of legal age. An estimate of the age is made and according to what the artificial intelligence determines, the change of date of birth is accepted or refused. The idea is not to determine the exact age of the person, just to ensure that they are at least 18 years old given the structure of their face.

Instagram ensures that the user’s video is only shared with Yoti to determine age. Once the age is determined, both Meta (Instagram’s parent company) and Yoti delete the video.

Can we cheat? Yes, technically. We can imagine that some people will use the photo of an adult. Whether Yoti can perfect the system remains to be seen.

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