Instagram tests alerts to warn of an ongoing outage

Facebook had two outages in the span of a few days, with the first lasting six long hours. This has involved concerns at Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Instagram, in fact, has decided to launch a test to warn its users when there is an outage.

Instagram Outage Alert 1

An alert to prevent breakdowns on Instagram

Instagram’s test to prevent breakdowns is located directly at the application level with a dedicated alert. “We will not send a notification every time there is a failure, but when we deem it necessary to clarify the situation, for example if we find that users are confused and are looking for answers”, explains the social network.

Instagram reports that the test will debut in the United States and will run for several months. The platform does not say if other countries will join the United States during the testing phase.

A new section “Account status”

Separately, Instagram unveils a new section called “Account Status”. It is supposed to alert users to what is happening with their account more generally. Instagram explains that it begins with notifications about which posts are deleted and when an account is at risk of being deactivated due to rule violations. This system will gradually be in place for users.

Instagram Account Status

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