Intel announces mind-blowing figures for its future CPUs

Intel speaks of a CPU capable of reaching 8 GHz once overclocked.

As part of its Technology Tour 2022, Intel has just unveiled some very crisp details on Raptor Lake, its 13th generation of processors which should officially land on October 20. And this new range promises to be quite monstrous.

From the outset, Intel announces a performance gain of approximately 15% in single thread compared to the chips of the 12th generation Alder Lake. In multithreading, the performance gain would even reach an incredible 41%.

And these are not even the most impressive figures. Intel also mentioned a processor capable of reaching the infernal speed of 6GHz right out of the box, without any overclocking. And once pushed to its limits, the blue team claims that it will be able to exceed the… 8GHz. Simply unheard of on a “general public” chip.

Intel has not yet explicitly revealed the different processors that will fill the new page of its catalog. It is therefore not known exactly to which model the brand refers. But based on the traditional nomenclature of these products, we can consider that it will most likely be an i9 13900 KS model.

What seems clearer, however, is that this is most likely a response to AMD’s offensive. Recently, the orange team also gave some details on its next generation of chips, the Ryzen 7000. In particular, it presented a Ryzen 9 7950X capable of reaching 5.7 GHz.

Obviously, the raw frequency is far from being the only important element in judging the performance of a processor. But we must admit that passing the 6 GHz bar without overclocking would be a remarkable feat.

More information on September 27

It only remains to hope that Intel has made efforts in terms of energy consumption and temperature management. These points remain by far the main Achilles’ heels of Intel CPUs at the moment; while its 12th generation models are nearly flawless in terms of raw power, the same cannot be said for their energy performance.

Overall, these processors are still significantly more greedy than AMD’s. And with clock speeds of this ilk, we can already expect consumption and absolutely diabolical temperatures, unless the founder has made considerable efforts at this level.

Be that as it may, everything seems to indicate that Intel is continuing to recover, after an already very convincing 12th generation. The blue team has ceased to rest on its laurels since the arrival of Pat Gelsinger, and the competition between the two giants of the sector has resumed with renewed vigor.

We look forward to seeing you on September 27; Coincidence or not, it is on this date that Intel will officially present its Raptor Lake CPUs and that AMD will release its Ryzen 7000.

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