Intellivision’s Amico and its games could end up costing more

While Tommy Tallarico, hitherto CEO ofIntellivisionleft his post while remaining president of the company, his successor Phil Adam made some not very reassuring remarks on thefriend. Not that this new console will never hit the market, but rather that it should betray one of its promises.

This is not good news, unless one considers that without this movement, the Amico would have lost any chance of being marketed. We thus learn that Tommy Tallarico, who had founded Intellivision Entertainment and had been its CEO since 2018, no longer holds this position. He nevertheless remains president of Intellivision.

To succeed him, Phil Adam, hitherto the company’s chief revenue officer. A veteran of the industry since between 1983 and 1990, he had directed Spectrum Holobyte, then Interplay Entertainment between 2002 and 2004. In a press release, the new president and CEO of Intellivision recalled that the company’s new machine, the Amico, remained a priority: “As an industry leader for over 30 years, I am delighted to take on the role of CEO of Intellivision. As a company nearing the final phase before launch, Tommy felt it was important to provide focused roles so he could continue doing the things he loves most. As always, we will work together to bring Amico to market. »

Amico games at $ 9.99: an untenable position if licenses are at stake

Phil Adam appeared much less positive in a podcast from The Retro Bro. He thus began by mentioning a price of the Amico likely to increase after the launch.

“Some people take the liberty of saying that the cost of goods is nothing. The cost of goods that was reported is that of our two controllers. »

“You know, it was a challenge. The cost of parts has increased […] and everyone says they want to wait for the price of the product to drop. »

“Well, I’m telling you it’s not going that way. [Le prix] will go up before it goes down, because there is not much profit in what we ship on the first day. »

Regarding the games, which were supposed not to exceed the unit price of 9.99 dollars, the new CEO of Intellivision also warned of an increase to be expected.

“We’re putting more money into content and software than we originally planned, and the price is going to go up. It’s not going to go up 500%, it’s not going to be $50, but it’s going to go up 50 to 100% in some cases.”

“If I have a licensed title and I pay huge licensing fees, I can’t do it at a certain price point. The price [maximum] games when we ship day one will be $9.99 digital, but you’ll see some licensed titles and some higher-end, what we consider AAA titles, that will be priced higher. »

Further announcements, possibly including that of a firm release date, are expected in the coming weeks. As long as we are not told about the violence necessary to attract enough people, honor will be saved.

Source: IGN and VGC

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