International Space Station: we know the year of its “de-orbiting” and its fall into the ocean

The ISS only has a few more years left. While space enthusiasts still have in mind the many missions of recent years, the superb shots of the Earth of Thomas Pésquet and Tom Cruise is preparing to shoot the sequences for its next film there, the international space station has entered the home stretch of its existence.


Considered dilapidated and too expensive to maintain, NASA will crash the international space station into the Pacific Ocean’s Nemo point in 2031

NASA has indeed confirmed in a report submitted to the US Congress the year during which the ISS will be “deorbited” before sinking at Nemo point, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, where many space debris are already submerged. The end of the ISS is therefore scheduled for the year 2031. After this date, NASA will largely rely on private companies for the next space missions of its astronauts. The Axiom Space station is also intended to replace the ISS and will therefore be the next “competitor” of Tiangong (trans: “Heavenly Palace”), the Chinese space station which welcomed its first crew of “taikonauts” last year.

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