Internet box. At -50%, SFR fiber is a very good deal

For a few more days, SFR is offering a reduced price on its internet box. If you want to take advantage of fiber at an advantageous rate, now is the time to consult this offer. The ISP offers you up to 100 euros in cancellation fees.

Are you tired of your internet box costing you too much? Or because the flow is chaotic? It may be time to change your internet service provider to get a better solution. At the moment, SFR is delighting us with an excellent value for money on its fiber. This flash sale already ends on Sunday evening.

Changing internet box yes, but above all you have to find a good value for money. On average, the price of fiber can quickly rise above 30 euros (and up to 60 euros per month) at a standard ISP. It is therefore necessary to jump on the one-off reductions to save money. SFR is a good example: its SFR Fiber formula drops by -50% in the first year.

I take advantage of Fiber

At the moment, SFR is the only player to offer a triple-play offer for less than 20 euros per month. This combines an internet box with fiber, a telephone part and a TV decoder with more than one channel. Like all operator offers, there is a 12-month commitment. That said, considering the price, it won’t be a problem.

Why is this fiber offer extra?

For his operation Winter Shopping, SFR has decided to be generous on all its products. The ISP wants to start the year well by putting forward a very good offer on its internet box. From a value for money point of view, it is an excellent choice. You can find out in our comparison of internet boxes available here.

If you opt for the SFR Fiber formula, you will get the lowest price. This internet box provides fiber speed up to 500 Mb/s for downloading (and the same for sending), unlimited calls to landlines in France and a TV decoder with 160 channels. For this triple-play offer, it will only cost you 18 euros per month for the first year. You therefore save 200 euros over these 12 months.

I take advantage of Fiber

The price displayed for this flash sale is guaranteed for the first year only, after which it returns to its base level (38 euros per month). That said, it’s a very nice advantage that SFR is giving you right now. Note that the customer is hired for the first year with the operator. That said, for an internet box of this quality at 18 euros, it’s a very good deal.

For those who want to go even further with this SFR Fiber internet box, it is possible to choose the Box 8 option (which costs 10 euros more per month). This includes a router which allows for a more powerful speed (1 Gb/s) and above all a more efficient TV box. It is compatible with 4K HDR, the Dolby Vision standard and the Alexa voice assistant. If you’re looking for the best TV experience, this is a good choice – although it’s pricey.

An ultra-powerful internet box

The SFR Fiber formula (with classic box or Box 8) is the operator’s standard model. At the same time, it also offers a second formula, SFR Fiber Power, which is more efficient at all levels. As you can imagine, it is also more expensive.

For classic use, even for a household of several people who are connected in parallel, the SFR Fiber offer will be sufficient. If you really want to maximize your experience for a specific and intense use (video editing, etc.), the SFR Fiber Power internet box will be useful. But in 95% of cases, it will not necessarily be.

With Winter Shopping, SFR also offers reduced rates on this internet box. The SFR Fiber Power version with standard boxes is priced at 24 euros per month and includes fiber (1 Gb/s download), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and 200 TV channels. After the first year, which is also a commitment period, the price rises to 43 euros per month.

Finally, if you want the ULTIMATE formula from SFR, then you will have to combine the SFR Fiber Power internet box… with the Box 8 box. You will thus have the power of fiber with a high-end TV offer. If you are ready to pay the price to get the maximum experience at SFR (34 euros per month for a year, then 50 euros per month), this is the choice to make. In detail, it includes very high speed (2 Gb/s) and all the advantages of the premium TV decoder.

The offers that are currently put forward by SFR will not last forever. It will therefore be necessary to be reactive before they end. You should also know that the operator will accompany you if you have any cancellation fees. This compensates them up to 100 euros. In almost all cases, this allows you to make a transition from your current ISP to SFR at no cost.

To discover the fiber of SFR, it’s here:

I take advantage of Fiber

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