Internet box. At SFR, fiber collapses by -50% at a crazy price 🔥

As part of its Winter Shopping offers, SFR has decided to reduce the price of its basic fibre. The internet box sees its price drop by -50%, which makes it really very advantageous. We recommend it to you.

Do you want to change your internet connection because it is too slow or too expensive? At the moment, the internet service provider SFR is offering a very good offer on its standard fiber. Its offer, called SFR Fiber, sees its price plummet -50% from its base level. A 12-month commitment is required to take advantage of the discount.

Below, we will go into detail but know that this internet box contains fiber (500 Mb/s), 160 TV channels and calls to landlines for 18 euros per month (instead of 38 euros) for one year . At less than 20 euros per month, you will not find another triple-play type offer with such a level of quality. It’s a flash offer to grab here:

I take advantage of the offer

SFR is one of the major ISPs active on the French market. The brand of the Altice group wants to fill up with new customers with this very aggressive formula. It must be said that the value for money is excellent. With such a speed, the internet box will be sufficient for a traditional household, even if several people watch movies in streaming at the same time.

Fiber at 18 euros per month, nugget

Before subscribing to this internet box, you must first check that you are indeed eligible for fiber. To do this, simply enter your postal address on the SFR site to find out if your household is connected to its network. Currently over 22 million households are connected, so chances are yours is.

Once you have checked your eligibility, you can therefore take advantage of this Winter Shopping offer. This internet box, the SFR Fiber Box 7, includes very high speed (500 Mb/s for uploading and downloading). To this, you also have a telephony part (with all unlimited calls to landlines in France) and a TV part. For the latter, you will receive a decoder with 160 TV channels.

As we said above, this internet box is sold for 18 euros per month. This is an ephemeral offer that already ends on Sunday evening and which allows you to save more than -50% on the basic cost. This offer only lasts for the first year, after which the rate goes up. That said, you will have already made a real saving of 200 euros in the first year alone.

I take advantage of the offer

Once the first year is up, SFR will no longer hold you back. The internet box comes with a 12-month commitment, and that’s it. You can therefore cancel your subscription just beforehand so as not to have to suffer the price increase. Note that if you have a current subscription, SFR pays you 100 euros in termination fees.

By opting for this offer at 18 euros per month, SFR delivers you with its default router and decoder (Box 7). For an additional 10 euros per month, you can upgrade to Box 8. Still with this SFR Fiber subscription, you will then have the right to a more powerful router (and a connection that increases to 1 Gb/s for download ) and a more efficient TV box (4K HDR Dolby Vision, Alexa voice assistant). The price difference is significant, it is worth thinking about.

The range of SFR internet boxes at a reduced price

In our opinion, the SFR Fiber formula with the Box 7 is the best internet box of the moment in terms of value for money. It will be ideal for the vast majority of French homes. That said, you may need a more complete offer for more specific needs – whether in terms of the TV box, the internet connection speed or even the telephony part.

In this case, you can also turn to the SFR Fiber Power offer that the ISP puts forward. The latter is much more complete and powerful than the first, but it is also more expensive. In detail, by opting for the default internet box (Box 7), you receive very high speed (1 Gb/s download), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France as well as 200 TV channels. His price ? 24 euros per month during the first year, then 43 thereafter.

If you want the ultimate from SFR, there is the Box 8 option that you can add to this SFR Fiber Power internet box. There, you will receive a speed of up to 2 Gb / s for downloading and compatibility with 4K HDR and Dolby Vision for the TV part. The price is even higher since it takes 34 euros per month during the first year, then 50 euros per month thereafter.

For ordinary mortals, the SFR Fiber internet box with the default router will already be perfect. It is nothing to go for options for a standard use of your internet connection. However, if you have a very digital activity (video editing, graphics, etc.), the question arises. For those who want a great TV experience, the Box 8 option might come in handy. But above all, you will need a good TV screen to make the most of it.

To discover SFR’s internet boxes, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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