iOS 16’s haptic feedback affects your battery: how to enable/disable it?

Apple kindly lets us know that the new haptic feedback feature, coming with iOS 16 for keyboard input, may negatively impact your iPhone’s battery life.

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro, for illustration // Source: Anthony Wonner for Frandroid

Accuracy or autonomy, it will potentially be necessary to choose… a fortiori on aging iPhones. Alongside the new features of iOS 16 announced with a lot of sometimes flashy marketing, a small function, discreet, but nevertheless very pleasant, was invited with the latest version of the system: haptic feedback for keyboard input . This novelty makes it possible to obtain a slight vibration at your fingertips when you click on one of the keys of the virtual keyboard of an iPhone.

Now available on all iPhones compatible with iOS 16, this haptic feedback offers a little more comfort for typing an SMS, an email, a Google search or any other text on the iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple warns that this function is also likely to reduce the battery life of your device.

Potentially power-hungry haptic feedback

The info comes to us directly from a small line added at the bottom of the page dedicated to this new feature. It reads that “enabling haptic feedback for the keyboard may affect your iPhone’s battery life“. The message is clear… and it was, indeed, predictable. It is not known, however, how much this function will affect autonomy.

This should vary from iPhone to iPhone, with the impact likely more noticeable on older iPhone models or older models with diminished maximum battery capacity over the years. Logically, users typing a lot of text during the day will also be the most affected by the energy gluttony of this haptic feedback.

Note that this new feature is not enabled by default. After activating it, it is also possible to cut it in a few clicks if necessary. Each user will therefore be able to judge whether or not it is relevant according to their own habits of use.

How to Enable or Disable Haptic Feedback on iOS 16

You can enable or disable haptic feedback from your iPhone settings.

Go to the Sounds and vibrations menu, then click on Keyboard feedback. All you have to do is turn on the Vibration option.

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