is the fingerprint sensor a sieve?

The Pixel 6a is the latest addition to Google’s smartphone range and it should be a hit thanks to its good performance for a price under 500 euros. But a controversy is tarnishing the launch of the device.

The Pixel 6a incorporates a fingerprint sensor into its 6.1-inch screen. Classic for an Android smartphone, but for the occasion Google has used a different component from that of the Pixel 5 which is supposed to be faster, even if it does not change much on a daily basis.

A sensor that lets everything pass

However, there is a problem with this sensor. Testers have found that the component recognizes fingers not registered beforehand, which is a disaster in terms of security. Friends of the youtuber Beebom were thus able to unlock the Pixel 6a, without their fingerprints being stored in the device. There are several other disturbing testimonies pointing in this direction.

However, we must be reassured: apart from these few unfortunate cases, the smartphone acts correctly, it does not unlock in the presence of a fingerprint that has not been registered. This is reminiscent of the concern experienced with the Pixel 6 sensor which could also malfunction. Nevertheless, these were smartphones with protective films on the screen. Nothing like it here.

In the case of the Pixel 6, Google had released a selection of recommended protective films, as well as a software update to fix bugs spotted when the model launched last year.

This fingerprint sensor bug taints the launch of the Pixel 6a which took place this week, and it’s a shame because the device has some interesting arguments in its favor (read our test), starting with its price of 459 € of course, but also by its photo qualities and its overall performance.

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