Isomorphic Labs: Google will use artificial intelligence in the search for drugs of the future

In June, we reported that Alphabet’s subsidiary (Google’s parent company), DeepMind, has created an artificial intelligence, called AlphaFold, capable of predicting the structure of proteins. Building on this success, it seems that Alphabet wants to go further and embark on pharmaceutical research based on this AI. To do this, Alphabet has just created a new subsidiary called Isomorphic Labs.

This new Google sister company thus aims to become a pioneer in the field of digital biology. Isomorphic Labs actually plans to ” reimagine the whole drug discovery process “And use artificial intelligence to” model and understand some of the fundamental mechanisms of life “.

Isomorphic Labs

This artificial intelligence will be used to create and study different drug models

Demis Hassabis, who founded Isomorphic Labs, said it was possible to think of biology as an information processing system. According to him, there is a common structure between computer science and biology, an “isomorphism”.

Isomorphic Labs is based in the United Kingdom and intends to recruit many specialists in the fields of artificial intelligence, biology, pharmaceutical chemistry but also biophysics. Still, a company spokesperson said it won’t be able to develop its own drugs.

Isomorphic Labs will build models to predict the effects drugs will have on the body and then resell these models to partner pharmaceutical companies.

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