ISS: a spacewalk postponed due to space debris

Is it really just a coincidence? Just two weeks after Russia tested anti-satellite missile, NASA cancels spacewalk by astronauts Thomas marshburn and Kayla barron because of… the potential threat of space debris. The decision to postpone the outing was taken at the very last minute, with NASA unwilling to take any risks.


It is not known where exactly the debris is or when it will pass near the station, but one cannot help but wonder if this space junk has something to do with the cloud of debris caused by the deliberate destruction of a Russian satellite about 15 days ago. This test shot from Russia had generated thousands of fragments floating freely in low orbit, a situation sharply criticized by the United States and some allied countries.

The rapid increase in space debris in orbit unfortunately risks increasing the frequency of these incidents in the future, hoping that we will stay with the simple postponement of spacewalks …

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