It is possible to turn non-recyclable plastic into indestructible building material

We all know that the best way to reduce the pollution caused by plastic objects is to recycle them. The problem is that certain categories of plastic cannot be recycled and are therefore destined to be thrown away or stored. But that could soon change thanks to a technology developed by the startup called ByFusion Global.

The company, based in Los Angeles, has announced that it has found a way to help communities, companies, but also governments, to recycle plastic previously qualified as non-recyclable. The method proposed by ByFusion Global makes it possible to transform plastic objects into large, virtually indestructible bricks, well suited for construction.

The bricks produced by the startup are called “ByBlocks”. They are made using a steam-based compaction method. From what can be read on the ByFusion Global site, the process does not require any chemicals, additives or other fillers.

An ambitious pilot program

During an interview, Heidi Kujawa, CEO of ByFusion Global, indicated that the startup received Dow funding, which enabled the project to materialize. The company has also established a collaboration with the EnergyBag recycling program of the manufacturer of garbage bags Hefty. Thanks to this partnership, it was possible to start a pilot program in the city of Boise, Idaho.

ByFusion Global’s pilot program is providing compaction technology to the city, which will allow residents to process approximately 72 tons of non-recyclable plastic. According to reports, the first bricks obtained have already been used to make a bench for a public park. Other infrastructures will also be built in the years to come.

A good start

One might think that the partnership between a startup that wants to recycle and a company that produces plastic bags is quite illogical. But until the arrival of an ecological solution that can permanently replace plastic, the best way to protect the environment is to recycle.

It is all the more interesting that the product of recycling is a solid building material that can be used by everyone.

SOURCE: Futuristic

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