It reproduces the Squid Game tests perfectly on YouTube

How long before a TV channel or streaming service launches its own version of the kinky games of Squid Game? A YouTuber has already shown that it is possible… and fortunately, without the dead!

Yououtubeur MrBeast has simply decided to recreate the events of the series Squid Game. A hell of a job that required a lot of preparation, hundreds of candidates, and a massive investment of $ 3.5 million! But the result is worth a look.

The challenges of Squid Game, without the deaths

As in the Netflix phenomenon series, the 456 participants participated in children’s games with the key to winning a nice sum of money: $ 456,000. A reward that does not even require dying, unlike the “real one” Squid Game. Phew!

MrBeast has therefore reproduced the strong sequences of the series: “One, two, three, sun”, the dalgonas challenge, the marbles or even the tug of war. For the final test, the YouTuber preferred musical chairs, better known than the game of octopus that Koreans know better. The winner takes home the jackpot, but the following are not forgotten with consolation gifts.

The end result is impressive realism, and above all it respects the series without distorting it. This is why we would see a Netflix or a TV channel producing a game in the same vein… If it took a lot of investment in the production of this video, MrBeast was amply rewarded with more than 7 million views .

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