it will now be possible to stream with your cat

it will now be possible to stream with your cat

The animal kingdom is now entitled to its own category on Twitch. A good opportunity to rave about cute kittens … or participate in conservation efforts.

Since its launch in 2011, Twitch has continued to diversify. While it was aimed almost exclusively at an audience of gamers in its early days, the streaming platform has since opened up to a much more diverse audience; now, it has a new section aimed at animal lovers.

Previously, our animal friends didn’t really have a place on Twitch. They were often divided into inappropriate categories like Science & Technology, Discussion, or even ASMR. This is now done with the new section called Animals, Aquariums and Zoos. It allows nature lovers to relax in front of hours of animal video feeds.

It is therefore a good way to highlight your furry, feathered or scaled companion. Because as curious as it may seem, there is a real audience for this type of content; every day, thousands of internet users flock to watch live the first outing of a puppy, the antics of a kitten, or even the antics of a gamer parrot.

Animals like you’ve never seen them

More unexpectedly, the other beneficiaries will certainly be the institutions that do conservation and safeguarding work. They often operate in relative anonymity, far from the exposure that this crucial in-depth work deserves. An opportunity that has already been seized by structures such as the Wolf Conservation Center or the famous Monterey aquarium, which already have their Twitch channel. This new category could give them a small, not insignificant exposure bonus.

They offer live images of the usually wild animals they harbor. It can beongoing conservation efforts, as in the case of wolves, or temporary residents of a specialized center. They hope in this way to draw attention to sometimes endangered species. And at this level, the interactive dimension of Twitch offers lots of original possibilities.

With a simple command, the stream of the Marine Mammal Rescue Center allows, for example, to obtain all the information on the animals on the screen. We were able to learn that the adorable little otter who helped us write this article is called Kunik, that she is five years and seven months old, and that she is particularly smart and curious.

The donation system around which the entire Twitch ecosystem revolves plays a central role for these institutions. In this case, it is a way to directly support the efforts of care and preservation. Because in the state, these structures too often depend on the generosity of their volunteers. Remember, however, that the Twitch tax still applies to donations, even when they are theoretically charitable; the best way to support a cause that is close to your heart is therefore to go directly through the site of the institution in question.

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