its new subsidiary will combine AI and pharmaceutical research

Google is going to make two of its girls work together. DeepMind specialist in AI as well as Isomorphic Labs which works on pharmaceutical research.

While everyone is familiar with the Google search engine, created at the end of the last century by Larry Page and Sergeï Brin, much less people know what Alphabet is, the parent company of GAFAM which has a multitude of subsidiaries. of all kinds. Among these companies, Google has just created a brand new one, Isomorphic Labs. The latter should work hand in hand with DeepMind in the field of pharmaceutical research.

If the project is still unclear on many points, the founder of the Google subsidiary, Demis Hassabis explained the ambitions and areas of activity of the company. According to him, the company will make isomorphism, a discipline straddling computer science and biology. It would therefore not be a question of developing its own drugs, but rather of setting up working models to predict the possible interactions between future drugs and patients.

According to Hassabis “The fundamental use of computational methods and AI can help scientists take their work to the next level.”

A partnership with DeepMind

To help the company in its research, Isomorphic Labs will work with DeepMind, another Google house property. The latter is one of the most important companies in the world of AI. Already at the origin of the very popular AlphaGo, an artificial intelligence which had been able to beat several champions of the game of Go, the company has been working for several years with the medical community.

In 2018, she announced that she was doing deep learning around the eye issue, to teach your AI to recognize different eye diseases. An idea that could make consultations easier as much for ophthalmologists, whom it is not yet a question of replacing, as for patients who would see their waiting times drastically reduced.

Medicine at the dawn of major changes?

For its part, Alpha Go Zero, the most successful AI yet by the company, was able to learn the rules of the Go game on its own in just three days. She then ridiculed Alpha Go 100 party zero during a match organized by Google between the two artificial intelligences of the house.

It is this unparalleled computing power that Google wants to use to build the pharmaceutical world of tomorrow, and completely rethink the way drugs are made. A laudable idea, but one which could pay very big for the digital giant, the drug market represents no less than $ 1203 billion according to estimates from the union of drug companies.

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