it’s not over, Amazon formalizes 10 XL deals for tonight

There are still some great deals to seize for this Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount and others. We’ve listed all of the potential discount Christmas gifts you could make.

This week will have been intense with Black Friday. Amazon, however, has not surrendered and continues to slash prices this Sunday. To end the day well, we have made a list of the good deals still valid this Sunday evening.

Black Friday at Amazon lasted all week. Every day, thousands of offers are linked on the largest merchant platform in France. Its competitors have not been unworthy, like Cdiscount, Fnac and especially AliExpress. In the list above, we have identified all the great offers between all these platforms.

Only we will not lie to you: Black Friday will have seen many out-of-stock events. This is all the more true on all the bestsellers of this end of the year. Apple products, game consoles and even high-end televisions were taken by storm in a few hours. This Sunday evening, there are still some great Christmas gift ideas to grab.

The latest offers for tonight

Black Friday on Amazon will have officially lasted almost 10 days. The merchant wanted to allow the French to save money over two full weekends. For this last weekend, AliExpress will have been one of the great architects of this success. The world leader in e-commerce was the most aggressive on its offers, even if they were less numerous than elsewhere.

This year, we will have seen many more brands go Black Friday. This is for example the case of Dyson or Samsung who made offers directly on their site. They have thus bypassed giants like Amazon or Cdiscount by lowering prices on their personal platforms. The cuts are still going on Sunday, but stocks are very low.

For Black Friday, Amazon wanted to put everyone on an equal footing. Every day there are new offers coming out. This means that visitors can discover new discounts on all product themes every day. In our list, you have noticed that there is a majority of deals around tech. But it goes much further.

The easiest way for Black Friday on Amazon is to take a tour of the site. In 5 minutes you will have a good idea of ​​what is still available. This Sunday, there are no more hundreds of millions of offers. The list is relatively short, you can see it from the main menu on the e-commerce platform. We advise you to be quick.

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Among the big brands that are put forward for Black Friday, Apple, Sony or Microsoft are among the most popular. The specificity of this operation is that you can obtain products from major brands (and recent ones) for very advantageous prices. It is very different from the sales in January which are rather made for destocking.

How to prepare for Christmas shopping?

If you haven’t started yet, now is the time to get started. For Black Friday, all types of products are at reduced prices. For example, you can easily save 30% on all toys. It’s the same for the culture part or the video games. As you can imagine, the PS5 and Xbox Series X are not available. There were a few plays on Friday but they were gone in seconds.

To not miss the latest Black Friday offers, we invite you to read our selection above. Tomorrow is Cyber ​​Monday, another important step that will bring the operation to a close. However, in France, it is much less important than in the United States. This country is at the origin of Black Friday but also of Amazon. They are e-commerce champions.

For Black Friday, however, Amazon has more and more competition with the world leader AliExpress. The latter has decided to fully embark on it this year. Exclusively, it also has sacrificed prices on brands like Apple. Even the newer AirPods 3 have been very cheap on their site. Samsung and Xiaomi products were in high demand with strikethrough prices.

Sunday, last day on Amazon

This Sunday evening at midnight, Amazon will put an end to Black Friday. We therefore invite you to take a last tour of their site this evening to discover the nuggets that are still hidden there. If you absolutely want to buy a product, you might as well use the search bar to find it directly. We warn you, all consoles are gone – including the Nintendo Switch.

Among the interesting offers of this Black Friday, there is also a lot of software. For example, antivirus, VPN, and other mobile plans come at mini prices. In our list above, you can see the best deals that we have selected. Once again, this allows you not to have to go around each of the services to get an idea of ​​the essential deals.

For those who prepare their Christmas gifts, Amazon and Cdiscount allow you to return your purchases even after Christmas. So you can buy your gifts this Sunday and return them after the holidays. If the recipients don’t like them, you can send them back rather than having to resell them on the net. It is a real comfort in addition offered by the two leaders of e-commerce in France.

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