God of War Ragnarok

It’s official, a God of War series is currently in the works!

The most stylish video game dad will land on the small screen in a live-action series, which surprisingly will not be produced by Netflix.

Video game adaptations are more than on the rise, they have become the new fashion of this decade. If Netflix, among others, multiplies its forays into this universe, the firm does not necessarily have exclusivity on the most ambitious projects. We think in particular of the series The Last of Uscommissioned by HBO, or the series Halo, it produced by Paramount. This is also the case of a brand new officialization: a series inspired by the games god of war.

Relayed by Deadline, the news is still at the limit of the official, at least with regard to the company to which the project will be entrusted. For now, it looks like Amazon is in pole position to lead the series, with the company in deep negotiations with Sony right now. According to the outlet, the series could be directed by the creators of the series The Expanse, namely Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. Behind the project, we should also find Rafe Judkins, the showrunner of The Wheel of Time.

Of course, the Sony teams, which owns the rights to the video game license, will never be far away and should work hand in hand with the Amazon teams. Apart from this information, which is still unconfirmed, we don’t know much about the series, other than the fact that it will be shot in live action. The fidelity of the cast compared to video games will therefore be expected at the turn.

Will Amazon be able to rise to the challenge?

To tackle a PlayStation franchise is to take a considerable risk with the reception of the work from the players. god of war in particular is one of the community’s favorite franchises. For those unfamiliar with video games, they follow the adventures of Kratos, an ancient god of war in full consciousness after committing acts that caused his family to suffer.

After three opuses in the heart of Greek mythology, the fourth opus marked a major break, by propelling Kratos within Norse mythology in a visually very different game. Players are now waiting for the fifth part of his adventures, namely God of War Ragnarok, which should close the Nordic series. We do not know on which axis Amazon will go, although resuming the franchise from the beginning would make more sense for the future.

To note that god of war is not the only project in the shelves of Amazon, which should also be at the head of a Mass Effect series, but also of the highly anticipated Lord of the Rings series, or even the Blade Runner 2099 reboot.

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