Its publisher Bandai Namco apologizes for the poor technical condition

It is a launch, to say the least, divided that Elden Ring in the day yesterday. The highly anticipated a new game of FromSoftware has finally landed on consoles and PC after several long years of waiting for fans and has already made a name for itself in the hearts of fans of hardcore, demanding and engaging experiences. Nevertheless, despite a unanimous critical reception, not everything happened—and still does not happen—as perceived, especially from a technical point of view.

Elden Ring thus suffers from many technical problems, both in its PC version and home consoles, and its editor bandai namco spoke for the first time on the subject in a post on its official website.

It’s a success like we’ve rarely seen before: barely released, Elden Ring literally propelled itself among the highest rated games not only of the year 2022, but in the history of the medium. FromSoftware’s title is currently enthroned over the competition with a score of 97 on the Metacritic review aggregate, an unofficial (and not very virtuous) industry scale. The various tests and analyzes salute its successful open world, its meticulously calibrated gameplay and its rich universe; Elden Ring is well on its way to becoming an instant classic in the action-adventure genre.

Elden Ring bogged down in its technique

Nevertheless, the observation is far from being so rosy on the side of certain players who are sorry for the technical state of the game. On PC, the title has a lot of trouble keeping a stable frame rate and this on any type of configurations, even the most robust. Same observation on the side of consoles whose framerate—especially on next-gen consoles, a shame—cannot remain constant in Performance mode.

Bandai Namco thus confessed “ know about some issues that prevent the game from being played normally under certain conditions“, a vague formulation, but which could be summed up in “ it’s a mess, but we’ll take care of it sir“. The publisher claims to be in the process of ” constantly working to improver” game performance on PC and console, and recommends updating its graphics drivers. A patch on PC will also be put online to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, as well as another patch for the PlayStation 5 to overcome the bug of corrupted saves. No date has been announced for these fixes at this time.

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