Jabra unveils its Elite 5 headphones to stay focused

For the IFA, Jabra unveils its new earphones designed for those who want to be concentrated in all circumstances.

To increase productivity in noisy environments, active noise reduction headphones are solid allies. Jabra has understood this since it is the main argument that the brand uses to promote its new Elite 5. The brand is taking advantage of the IFA in Berlin to present the newest addition to its range in more detail.

“In today’s society, everything moves very quickly. We reduce our attention span, while increasing the possibility of being distracted, which prevents us from concentrating on what is important. Jabra designed the Elite 5 to address this issue. They provide the ability to focus, connect and call with peace of mind. This versatile model is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in their music, stay in touch with their social life or with their virtual life.” explains Calum MacDougall, Vice President Marketing at Jabra.

Maximum concentration

Emphasis is also placed on versatility. Make calls, listen to music or even connect with loved ones, the Elite 5 are designed to adapt to all situations by pressing the control button. The Jabra Elite 5 allow you to stay focused on your current activity thanks to a new hybrid active noise reduction technology. Concretely, it uses feedback microphones inside the ear and feedforward microphones outside to ensure more effective suppression of surrounding sounds, with a wider frequency of action.

comfortable headphones
Credits: JABRA

For calls, they will also be rather effective since they have six internal and external microphones to promote voice clarity, especially when the wind blows. It should also be noted that for music lovers, the Elite 5 benefit from a Customizable EQ and Spotify Tap Playback. On the autonomy side, they should last the distance with 7 hours of playtime with ANC on and more than 28 hours with case. This is more than enough for busy days, where concentration must be required. Note the compatibility Bluetooth Multipoint, to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. Quite handy again for workers who have to listen to some things on their phone and others on their computer.

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Finally, because life isn’t just about work, the Elite 5 will also get used to outdoor activities like running or walking. If it is not the spearhead of the brand, IP55 certification will allow it to survive a few splashes of water and dust. The Elite 5 will be available from selected retailers at recommended price of 169.99 euros.

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