Jack Dorsey quits Twitter and heads to the crypto world

Jack Dorsey is the kind of face the tech world won’t forget. With his long beard and his inimitable style, the creator of Twitter is a UFO in this world.

Founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is a well-known figure in the tech world. If his supporters are as numerous as his detractors, the man leaves no one indifferent and his unpredictability has made his image for nearly fifteen years now.

Today, in addition to his 280-character social network, Dorsey is also the boss of Square, his online payment company, very close to the world of cryptocurrencies. But the latter is becoming more and more important, and therefore requires more and more attention. Attracted by this new challenge towards the futuristic world of cryptocurrencies, Dorsey therefore decided to leave the head of Twitter, a social network he had created in 2006.

This announcement, with immediate effect, involves a great game of musical chairs within the organization chart of the blue bird. It is the current, CTO (Chief Technological Officer), Parag Agrawal who will take the reins of the company, according to the statement of Dorsey made on his account. A strong choice on the part of the founder of Twitter who does not directly explain his desire to throw 200% into the Square project.

But previous statements by Jack Dorsey suggest that this choice, which he says makes him “very sad”, has very good motivations. Indeed, at 45 years old it would be good for the iconic boss to give up his place, he who assures us that he wants Twitter to be able to “hold on to itself” and not on the sole ability of his boss or his founder to lead. t is still the case for many companies in the tech world.

Dorsey, a boss with a tense past with Twitter

Jack Dorsey had founded Twitter in 2006, he then quickly lost control before being ousted by his new bosses in 2008. He finally made his comeback in 2015, when the social network was at its worst. For six years, he was therefore the face of Twitter and its revival. The social network is growing steadily and the little blue bird will therefore have to learn to stand on its own feet from now on.

Having become a reference in social networks, Dorsey wished to see “his” social network “Become as transparent as possible”. Regularly singled out for the behavior of its users, Twitter is still quite withdrawn and has great difficulty in attracting new users.

With a brand new funding and monetization system recently put in place, the social network has set itself very high goals and it will therefore be necessary for Parag Agrawal to succeed in fulfilling them in order to satisfy everyone internally and establish its brand new authority on one of the five most important social networks in the world.

Prior to Dorsey’s announcement, Twitter’s share price was up 11%, as if the news was welcome on Wall Street.

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