James Webb Telescope

James Webb: an autonomy of more than 10 years and the opening of the sun visor still in progress

Now some 700,000 km from Earth, James Webb is on the right track. The almost perfect launch phase of the Space Telescope (via an Ariane 5 rocket), a phase which includes the first trajectory corrections to allow the JWST to reach the Lagrange 2 point without hindrance, made it possible to save large amounts of fuel. . This sobriety will of course have a positive influence on the overall autonomy of the satellite. NASA thus affirms to be convinced that James Webb will be able to function for more than ten years!

James Webb Telescope

Beyond this very good news, current affairs continue for the JWST. NASA is opening the heat shield (or sun visor) today, and for the moment, everything is going like a dream with 2 steps already taken out of the 5 planned for the final activation of the sun visor. . In short, the JWST is for the moment a thunderous success, and this despite the extreme complexity of all the procedures to be implemented before the activation of the most powerful space telescope scheduled for next July.

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