James Webb gives us a superb image of the Orion Nebula

Great chief provider of “retina breakage”, James Webb never ceases to open wide the curtains on the wonders of our universe. After a stunning view of the Tarantula Nebula (see video below), the space telescope turned its mirrors towards the mythical Orion Nebula located some 1,350 light years from our Earth. Until now, the Orion Nebula was not easy to observe, the latter being hidden by a thick veil of dust, but Webb’s superpowered vision literally pierced this misty layer.

James webb Orion

Under the watchful eye of James Webb, Orion is revealed like never before, and for researchers it’s a bit like opening the cave of wonders. The Orion Nebula is indeed a veritable nest of stars at different stages of their evolution. The nebula thus contains clusters of more or less young stars, stellar systems in the process of formation with a proto-star in their center, or even “simple” filaments of matter.

So there is plenty to do for scientists who can now dip into this new treasure to advance their research.

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