James Webb Telescope

James-Webb: the space telescope’s shield is fully deployed

It must be written somewhere that activating the JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) will go off without a hitch. NASA has just confirmed that the JWST solar shield was fully deployed during the day of December 4, which was no small feat considering that NASA considered the operation extremely delicate (if not the most delicate of all procedures. of the telescope).

James Webb Telescope

Next step, the deployment and configuration of the primary and secondary mirrors, which will take place with a little delay (NASA was to start the procedure today for the secondary mirror, but finally preferred to postpone for a few days). It will take no less than 10 days for the two mirrors to be correctly installed. As a reminder, the secondary mirror has a wingspan of 0.74 m and the primary mirror has a wingspan of 6.5 m. The two mirrors are held in place by rods which in particular made it possible to bend the assembly in order to integrate the limited space of the Ariane 5 fairing.

The James-Webb Space Telescope is still heading towards the Lagrange L2 point, located 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

Did you know ? It is a Nobel Prize winner in Physics, John Mather, who has been the scientific director of the James-Webb Space Telescope since 2006.

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