Jeep’s electric scooter looks like… a Jeep

When the manufacturer of the Wrangler embarks on the sector of electric scooters, obviously the result is off the beaten track! Jeep has unveiled its first scooter, the RX200 designed with Razor. Of course, she is all-terrain…

With its military look, it will be impossible to mistake the RX200 for anything other than a Jeep scooter. The car brand has teamed up with Razor to design its first vehicle in this category, which offers ” the look and feel of the Jeep Wrangler “. Perched on two 8-inch wheels, the olive chassis stands out (it’s not paint, by the way, but powder coating on the steel frame).

No more than 70 kg

The handlebar of the scooter (which weighs 18 kg) is adjustable and its rubber grips integrate the accelerator. Jeep requires, the RX200 is cut for the off-road and rough terrain, despite the absence of suspensions. On the other hand, you should not expect exceptional performance, since the top speed is limited to 19 km/h. The 200W motor is not a thunderbolt.

As for the battery, here too there are no miracles to be expected with its power of 168W: the autonomy will be only 40 minutes. Difficult in these conditions to use it for an all-day mountain hike. The scooter will adapt better to short excursions or to impress friends.

Jeep explains that the RX200 is intended for drivers 18 years and older, however it does not support adults over 70 kg. This significantly reduces the commercial potential of the vehicle, which is a shame: it is indeed sold for $400, a relatively affordable price for this type of vehicle.

So Jeep worked with Razor for this scooter, but it seems that was mostly about aesthetics. The existing RX200, built by Razor alone, is very similar except for the Jeep branding and dual lights.

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