Jeff Bezos’ startup is looking for a way to cheat death

Alto Labs, Jeff Bezos’ recently launched startup, is taking another step in its goal to develop immortality technology. The company is in the process of recruiting renowned scientists to expand its team.

Alto Labs recently hired Hal Barron, who was previously chief scientific officer of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. It is known that Barron is now the CEO of the new startup.

In a press release, Barron said he was deeply honored to have been offered the opportunity to lead such a unique company with the mission of rolling back disease.

A shock team

We can say that Alto Labs does not do things by halves. By integrating the company, Barron joins a shock team charged with defeating death. In the group, there is for example Dr. Shinya Yamanaka who was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2012 thanks to his work on stem cells.

In the lot, there is also Jennifer Doudna, co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the 2020 edition. She obtained the ultimate award thanks to her role in the development of the CRISPR genetic manipulation tool.

A difficult mission

As for the money needed to move Bezos’ project forward, the startup is known to have managed to secure $3 billion in funding at launch. Moreover, Bezos is not the only one to shell out money in this company since there is also the Russian-Israeli billionaire Yuri Milner.

Research by Alto Labs scientists will aim to achieve biological reprogramming. It is a method of rejuvenating the cells after they have reached maturity. These cells will then be able to repair the body as it ages, and even cure age-related diseases such as dementia.

Lately, many startups are starting to get interested in finding a cure for aging, and possibly death. In the decades to come, we could thus witness the advent of the first humans not feeling the effects of aging, provided of course that the various companies succeed in achieving their objectives.

SOURCE: Futuristic

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