Jennifer Lopez invites you to a deadly wedding

Before finding her as a professional assassin on Netflix, Jennifer Lopez gives you an appointment on Amazon Prime Video for a completely crazy wedding. Amazon unveiled a first trailer for the film. Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel in the leading roles.

Crazy marriage!

In “Shotgun Wedding”, Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel play Darcy and Tom, a couple about to get married. The ceremony is organized on a paradise island, far from civilization, and the whole family is there to attend the festivities which promise to be sumptuous.

However, everything changes when the whole party is taken hostage by a group of armed mercenaries. Darcy and Tom will have to work together to save their loved ones, and perhaps their couple as well.

The film promises to be funny

If you like stories full of action, but above all crazy, “Shotgun Wedding” can only please you. The movie trailer promises some seriously funny misadventures for Tom and Darcy. Between bickering and clumsy attempts to fight the mercenaries, the couple is clearly not at the end of its troubles. The Jennifer Lopez – Josh Duhamel duo works very well. The rest of the cast is completed by Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz and Sofia Braga.

The release date of the film “Shotgun Wedding” has been set for January 27, 2023 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Shotgun Wedding official movie trailer

Source : Youtube

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