JetRacer: after the Flyboard, Francky Zapata unveils another futuristic flying vehicle

French inventor Franky Zapata unveils its latest creation, a necessarily futuristic and necessarily flying machine that bears the sweet name of JetRacer. After the Flyboard, a sort of individual drone with which Zapata crossed the Channel three years ago, here is the JetRacer, a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) type vehicle equipped with ten micro turbojets and whose weight does not exceed 78 kilos ( !). This featherweight does not prevent the JetRacer from resisting winds or being able to carry loads of up to 200 kilos. The JetRacer spins at the maximum speed of 120 km/h, but Francky Zapata estimates that the machine will eventually be able to reach 250 km/h!

The great strength of the JetRacer undoubtedly seems to be its maneuverability: on the video sequence recorded near the Berre pond, Zapata even manages to roll over at the controls of his JetRacer! The inventor specifies that it would not take more than 20 minutes to master the device. In addition the JetRacer would be easily convertible into a remote controllable machine.

A campaign of test flights will take place soon in the United States, and once is not customary, individuals may even find themselves at the controls of the aircraft. One hundred candidates will be selected at random and then 25 of them will be selected for the test flights after various aptitude tests. Eventually, the JetRacer could be intended for intervention forces, the army, or even wealthy individuals who love extreme sports.

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