Johnny Depp back in Fantastic Beasts?

Johnny Depp won the lawsuit against Amber Heard, could he return as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts? “He could” according to Mads Mikkelsen.

5 years after the end of the adventures of Harry Potter, the magical world was making a comeback on our screens. We are in 2016 and Warner Bros decides to explore in more detail the universe created by JK Rowling. The novelist is entrusted with the adaptation of an important work of her lore: Fantastic Beasts.

The bestiary mentioned several times in the main saga begins its metamorphosis to become the story of its writer: Norbert Scamander. As an enemy emerges from the shadows, the Magizoologist must track down the creatures that have escaped from his suitcase and are wreaking havoc on New York City.

At the same time, Gellert Grindelwald is preparing for his big comeback. Mentioned several times in the literary and cinematographic saga, the friend and lover of Albus Dumbledore intends to assert the supremacy of wizards over the muggle world. To embody this antagonist, Warner Bros recruits Johnny Depp.

After a whirlwind appearance in the first part, the actor returns with the main role in The Crimes of Grindelwald. But Depp will give way for the latest film. It is the lawsuit between him and his ex-wife Amber Heard that justifies this last-minute change. Mads Mikkelsen is quickly announced to replace him.

A challenge

The Danish actor has done his best to pay homage to the character, sometimes overtaking the incarnation of Johnny Depp. But now, this replacement will have a rather particular flavor for the spectators, no explanation has been given in the plot. Guest of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Mikkelsen returned to this performance. As one could imagine, his first steps in the license were not made without a certain apprehension.

“It was really intimidating. I’m a huge Johnny fan. I think he’s an amazing actor, and I think he’s done an amazing job. However, I couldn’t copy it. There was no question of copying him because he is really him. That would be creative suicide. So we had to imagine something else, something that was me, we bridged his performance and mine.”

He explains that he also feared the reactions of the fans. “His fans have been really lovely, but they’re also very stubborn. I haven’t interacted with them much, but I can understand why they were heartbroken.”

A return to plan?

From the start, Warner Bros planned to produce five films stamped Fantastic Beasts. Except that the third part was not a success, the receipts being well below the forecasts of the studios. It grossed twice as much as the film released in 2016, 812.5 million dollars against only 402.5 million.

Since this release, last April, Warner Bros has not formalized the start of construction of a sequel. The writers also seem to have made sure to have a minimum closed certain intrigues in the event that it would be the last.

Nevertheless, if there is a fourth film, Johnny Depp could return. At least that’s what Mads Mikkelsen seems to be saying. He explains : “Obviously the course of things changed, he won his case. Now let’s see if he comes back. He could.” To be continued…

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