Justin Bieber to give a free interactive virtual concert

Justin Bieber to give a free interactive virtual concert

Like other big names before him, Justin Bieber will in turn embark on virtual concerts in collaboration with Wave.

The restrictions linked to the pandemic have been a real curse on show business; to restart the machine, many artists have therefore decided to organize online concerts with their own digital avatars. A technology already adopted by big names like John Legend or Lindsey Stirling; the latter will soon be joined by another famous figure, namely Justin Bieber. The 2010 college darling, who has since reached a much more diverse audience, will be the next singer to perform through a virtual avatar,.

Studio Wave recently announced that it will collaborate with the controversial singer to produce “Justin Bieber – An Interactive Virtual Experience”, A program that will be released on November 18. Deadline explains that it will be a 45-minute free interactive concert; the public will be able to send emojis in the direction of the singer’s avatar and join him on stage on stage during “moments dedicated to fans”. They will also have the possibility of “influence the show”In real time, without knowing exactly what this refers to.

An already well-stocked hunting board

As a reminder, Wave is not at its first attempt when it comes to putting together virtual events from scratch. The studio has already distinguished itself during its collaborations with Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends; the first brought its technical expertise to the second to produce grandiose animations, which today form an integral part of the studio’s image.

And it’s not just about occupying a niche on the border between video games and show business; Wave already has some experience in organizing virtual concerts, notably with The Weeknd or John Legend. He will therefore be like a rooster in paste when he goes to interact with his fans on a virtual stage.

By combining Justin’s creativity and Wave technology, we have created a unique interactive experience that will complement his future tour.”, Explains Adam Arrigo, CEO of Wave. “Justin leads the way for artists to incorporate a virtual stage into their tours, in order to reach an audience that cannot travel or are looking for a different kind of musical experience.”, He adds. If this is your case, you can already register on the Wave website before the concert on November 18th,

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