Jya’s connected purifiers will soon be available in Europe

The air purifier market is experiencing renewed interest thanks to, or because of, Covid. It has become essential to breathe clean air, free of any virus particles! Manufacturer Jya is looking to make a name for itself with new models.

Jya, the brand of the Smartmi group, is not unknown in the air purifier market. The company indeed weighs 44% of the sector in China and has been rewarded several times for the design of its products. The new Jya Fyord range is part of this continuity, adding a connected dimension.

99.95% protection

The Jya Fyord offers a clean air flow of 450 cubic meters per hour, it is able to purify 54 square meters per hour. The Pro version goes further with a flow rate of 550 m³/h, at a rate of 62 ㎡ per hour. This means that the Fyord recycles 7,499 liters of air per minute (12,220 liters for the Fyord Pro). The devices filter and absorb particles of volatile organic compounds larger than 0.1 μm.

The level of protection against bacteria, viruses, pollen, formaldehyde and smoke is 99.95%. Both Fyords incorporate dynamic LEDs that indicate the air quality in the room, from excellent to health risk. An OLED screen with touch controls provides information on temperature, humidity and the level of organic compounds.

The Fyord range integrates into the connected home, whether it is managed by Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit. The Smartmi Link application for smartphones links these platforms, and the purifiers can be controlled by voice or by tapping the phone screen.

While Smartmi has focused a lot on its Chinese home market, these new Jya devices will be launched in Europe for pre-order on its site from February 21, priced at €359 for the Fyord, and €459 for the Fyard Pro. From March 14, they will be more expensive (respectively 399 and 499 €).

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