Keanu Reeves contradicts CD Projekt regarding Cyberpunk 2077

We must admit that CD Projekt got it right by integrating the character of Keanu Reaves alias Johnny Silverhand into his game. The latter had a certain success with the public to the point where some had the idea of ​​making it their sexual object. This, via a mod which has since been removed by CD Projekt. However, Cyberpunk 2077 players weren’t the only ones who went too far with Keanu Reaves. The Polish studio had said the Lebanese-Canadian actor played the Cyberpunk 2077 game and loved the experience.

Which Reeves himself denied in an interview with the Verge. CD Projekt who makes false statements to promote his game! We are now used to it.

An interview for the Matrix Awakens movie release

The fourth installment of the film Matrix, the release of which had been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, should be released on December 22. In order to promote it, Keanu Reeves recently gave an interview to The Verge, alongside Carrie-Anne Moss.

During the interview, journalist Alex Heath asked the Canadian actor if he played video games. To which he replied with a simple “no”. But that’s not all, the best is yet to come. Astonished by this answer, the journalist goes on to ask him if he has not at least played Cyberpunk 2077, a game for which he lends his face to Johny Silverhand.

To this question, he will answer that he has seen some demos of the game, but simply has not played it. A statement that takes the perfect opposite of that of the CEO of CD Projekt, Adam Kiciński. Indeed, the latter had said last year that the actor had played the game and that he had even loved the game.

At the time, the CEO was holding a conference call with his investors. Together, they discussed the results of the Polish studio and its Cyberpunk 2077 game.

Will CD Projekt face a misrepresentation trial again

Currently, the Polish studio is fighting to find an amicable agreement to avoid a multitude of lawsuits. These mostly relate to the many bugs contained in the Cyberpunk 2077 game at its launch.

Those who took legal action against the studio had pointed to another statement by the CEO of the studio. The latter had said a few weeks before the official sale of the game that it was perfectly playable. A statement that later turned out to be completely false, much like with Keanu Reeves.

We can legitimately think that this bomb launched by the Canadian actor could explode once again in the face of CD Projekt. Although the investors he spoke to last year are the same investors who sued his studio.

However, it must be admitted that details are still lacking regarding the conditions under which Adam Kiciński made his statement regarding Keanu Reeves. It is possible that this one brought nuances in his remarks. If it does, the CEO and his studio risk paying more than expected with respect to the deal to end all lawsuits.

Source: NME

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