Keanu Reeves is up for it!

Keanu Reeves loved playing John Constantine and he would be ready to stack up for a second installment.

It is undoubtedly not his most famous role and yet… Keanu Reeves prepares his big return in the universe Matrix, with the 4th part of the saga initiated by the Wachowski sisters in 1999. In the middle of a promotional campaign for the film’s release, and while he was visiting the French capital for the filming of John wick 4, the actor returned with Esquire over the course of his career.

Among his successful feature films, John wick and Matrix at the head of the gondola, another film particularly marked the fans of the DC license. It is obviously about Constantine, film noir centered on the comic book character. The film directed by Francis Lawrence was not a resounding success and the sequel never saw the light of day. Still, Keanu Reeves is visibly up for it. He tells Esquire:

“I loved playing Constantine. John Constantine… Have I played a lot of John in my life? How many Johns have I played? I wouldn’t even know how to say it, more than ten certainly… But in short, yes, I would like to have the chance to play Constantine again one day… ”

A series on HBO Max?

Last February, The Hollywood Reporter announced that a series Constantine was in development on HBO Max. This new project has since been rather discreet, but the recent statements of Keanu Reeves have enough to arouse the curiosity of fans of the license. Add to that that it would be a great operation for the SVOD platform, and we would almost go so far as to say that the trick is played.

The only downside is that the actor’s program is already loaded. It will therefore be on display at Matrix: Ressurections next December 22 before continuing with John Wick: chapter 4 in May 2022 then Chapter 5 in 2023. Then, he will play in the adaptation of BRZRKR, his comic strip published by Boom! Studios on March 3, 2021.

This series will be produced by Netflix and will follow the adventures of B, half mortal and half god. After wandering the Earth for centuries, B may have finally found a refuge: he works for the US government. In exchange, he will be able to discover the truth about his origins and how to put an end to his already too long life.

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