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Kevin Feige has good news for the fans

Did Tom Holland say goodbye to the MCU with No Way Home? Rest assured, Kevin Feige has just confirmed that a fourth installment of the saga is already in development.

Tom Holland had signed on for 3 solo films and a few major MCU appearances. Now, while officially no contract links him to Marvel and Sony anymore, his character’s future on the big screen was rather uncertain. If he had hinted that a sequel was in the works, Sony was more enigmatic about what awaits the friendly neighborhood spider. It must be said that relations between Disney and the studios have not always been good, to the point that No Way Home could never have seen the light of day.

Obviously, the two companies have found common ground, undoubtedly linked to the many greenbacks that this new chapter should bring. During an interview for the New York Times, the president of Marvel Studios announced what we’ve all been waiting for: Spider-Man 4 is on the way.

“Amy Pascal (producer at Son editor’s note) and I, Disney and Sony, are actively starting to develop the rest of the story.”

A new appearance before Spider-Man 4

A few days ago, the boss of Sony confirmed that Tom Holland had yet to make an appearance in a film developed by Disney. However, he did not specify when this would take place. Yes Doctor Strange: into the multiverse of madness seems to be the perfect destination for Peter Parker, you are never safe from a surprise.

Kevin Feige was no more talkative about it, arguing that some surprises deserve not to be disclosed, unlike the return of iconic villains from previous sagas in No Way Home. “The when and where, of course, is the fun part and also the one we don’t talk about”. It will therefore be necessary to be patient.

By then, Tom Holland already has a lot of projects on the go, starting with the adaptation ofUncharted scheduled for February 16. He will also be featured in a biopic on Fred Astaire, the opportunity for him to demonstrate his talents as a dancer. As for Spider-Man 4, we can hope not to have to wait too long, as was the case between Far From Home and No Way Home. If the pandemic has largely delayed the process, remember that only 3 years separate feature films. One Spider-Man 4 from 2024 ?

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