Killings Without A Prescription, Eddie Redmayne Is A Serial Killer In This Upcoming Netflix Movie

Attention Eddie Redmayne fans! The actor is back in a new feature film where he does not play the nice boys. On the contrary, in Murders without order » (« The good nurse ” in VO), Eddie Redmayne embodies a serial killer whose slyness will snatch you some shivers. Discover the synopsis, the cast and the trailer of the film in the rest of this article.

Inspired by a True Story

“Murders Without Prescription” is a thriller based on the story of the horrific serial killer Charles Edmund Cullen. This seemingly ordinary nurse worked in nine different hospitals for sixteen years, during which time he murdered more than 40 patients before ending up behind bars.

The film tells how the police managed to catch him: we mainly follow Amy Loughren, nurse and colleague of Charlie Cullen, who suspects the murderous activities of the latter. She will help the authorities gather as much evidence as possible against him and thus send him to prison.

A shock duo in the casting

Eddie Redmayne isn’t the only star in this promising thriller. The actor indeed gives the reply to Jessica Chastain who plays Amy Loughren. The two are no longer to be presented: they are talented actors whose performances in the cinema have been rewarded many times.

So it’s a really talented duo who will carry “Murders without prescription”. The trailer also promises a captivating story that will keep viewers spellbound. See you on Netflix this September 11, 2022 to discover this film with Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain.

Official trailer of the movie Murders Without Prescription (VF)

Source : Youtube

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