Kirby and the Forgotten World is getting a surprise demo on Nintendo Switch

Kirby and the Forgotten World is getting a surprise demo on Nintendo Switch

Good news for fans of Nintendo’s pink ball: Kirby and the Forgotten World unveiled ahead of its release on nintendo-switch with a demo available now on the console eShop. Expected for this end of March, Kirby and the Forgotten World is the next episode of the franchise, featuring the eponymous hero in an action-adventure game on a 3D plane.

A taste of Kirby and the Forgotten World before its release

We used to see Kirby relegated ad aeternam to countless side-scrolling platformers, but the forgotten world will shake things up nicely. This new installment in the Kirby saga is presented as a 3D platform adventure game—a first for the series. In this episode, Kirby will have to come to the rescue of the Waddle Doo, his eternal enemies, prey to a threat that never stops capturing them. The game’s main hub takes the form of a rural village populated by locals that Kirby can chat to (does that mean he can speak?), or indulge in the mini-games present , inseparable from games stamped Kirby.

Who says new enemies also says new powers, and the cutest clawfoot vacuum cleaner in the industry should not be idle. Speaking of vacuuming: Kirby’s specialty is once again highlighted with the “Transphormise” mode which allows him to take control of inanimate objects. The first trailer already shows this secret weapon in action, with a rather unsettling driving session where Kirby covers a car with all his rubbery and pink expanse…

If this affront to nature appeals to you, there will be plenty to do with the demo. This little surprise extract, already downloadable for free on Nintendo Switch, includes 3 different levels as well as a boss fight. While waiting for the full game to be released on March 25 on Nintendo Switch.

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