Kirby and the Forgotten World test: the feast we’ve been waiting for

With his round face and his ogre’s appetite, Kirby returns this year for a new 3D adventure worthy of the greatest Nintendo games.

With a release scheduled in two days on Nintendo Switch, Kirby and the Forgotten World had taken the course players at the time of its formalization. It must be said that we were starting to miss the adorable little pink ball with an ogre appetite: with the exception of fighting games Kirby Fighters 2 and Super Kirby Clash (respectively released in 2019 and 2020), we had to go back to 2018 with Kirby Superstar Allies to find the character in an adventure of his own. This year, Nintendo and HAL Laboratory are doubling down, with a new episode 3D as beautiful as goodTo consume without moderation.

Discover Kirby and the Forgotten World on Nintendo Switch

Overdose of cuteness

This is probably the first thing that jumps out when you launch the title: Kirby and the Forgotten World is beautiful, very beautiful. Without being revolutionary, the game definitely proves that the graphics capabilities of the Switch can give some nice surprisesno offense Pokemon Legends Arceus released a little over a month ago.

It must be said that in addition to being a feast for the eyes, Kirby and the Forgotten World is anchored in a very (too) cute universe. With his physique of a little pink bubble gum ball, the main character is definitely adorable. The villains themselves are no exception. The sweetened atmosphere is felt even in the decorations, and if it will probably not please everyone, we must admit that it is mastered from start to finish. The soundtrack also helps to create the jovial atmosphere of the license, and ends up melting us.

However, adventure is not just a long calm river. The game allows you to choose your level of difficulty, with an easy mode which will allow you to enjoy the landscape, and a difficult mode which will be more punitive in the event of defeat, but also more generous in the event of victory.

Kirby goes 3D

While Mario has long since yielded to the call of 3D, Kirby had until now remained a fan of 2D platform games. the forgotten world However, this year changes the situation and marks the character’s first foray into the third dimension. A bias that works wonderfully : if the levels remain relatively linear in their progression, the title now allows exploration of every corner of the map to find hidden objects and Waddle Dee in distress. Not enough to revolutionize the genre, the objective remains to rally a point A to a point B. However, this new freedom of movement makes it possible to dwell in more detail on the magnificent surrounding decorations, which often contain some hidden secrets.

The game would have probably deserved an open world. However, the linearity of the levels is far from being a disadvantage once the controller is in hand. Kirby and the Forgotten World offers perfectly oiled mechanics, coupled with a gameplay with small onions. Everything follows naturally, in a rhythm and fluidity that should leave no player hungry. Between the puzzles (rather easy, it must be admitted), the exploration phases, and the bosses, the character’s wanderings follow each other but are not alike. Something rare enough to be mentioned, the richness of the sets and the gameplay is such that we never found ourselves with the impression of going around in circles.

The worthy successor of super mario odyssey ?

Released in 2017 alongside the Nintendo Switch, super mario odyssey is one of those games that have marked the history of their console. Beautiful, intelligent and equipped with an original gameplay, the title had still not found a challenger to its height, despite rumors of a second opus expected for next year.

In broad outline, Kirby and the Forgotten World yet takes some ingredients of the formula Odyssey, starting with the beauty of its 3D decorations. On this level, it must be admitted, The new adventures of the pink glutton have nothing to envy to the mustachioed plumber. Each universe where Kirby gets lost is a delight, and we’re not even talking about the gameplay, which is also perfectly mastered. True to form, the character can, as usual, swallow his enemies to monopolize their powers. Small novelty however, these can now be improved from the Waddle Dee armory, which adds a anecdotal but interesting RPG dimension. New powers are also appearing which does not spoil the experience, even for long-time players.

The comparison between super mario odyssey and Kirby and the Forgotten World however, stops at their graphics and the pleasure they give us. In terms of lifespan, moreover, Kirby struggles to surpass his elder. You have to say that Odyssey had not done in half measures, with more than ten hours of play to overcome the final boss. This is clearly not the case here. Nothing dramatic however, we have plenty of time to take full eyes.

There is, however, a point where Kirby and the Forgotten World manages to knock out Mario: his cooperative mode. As in Odyssey, it is possible to experience the adventure locally with two players, in a asymmetrical mode that allows you to embody Bandana Waddle Dee. It is clear that the character definitely has more resources than poor Cappy, who was struggling to find his place in New Donk City.

A mastered recipe

Despite some very appreciable risk-taking and novelties, Kirby and the Forgotten World does not revolutionize the genre. Sucked into a mysterious vortex, the little pink ball finds herself lost in an abandoned world that she will have to explore to save her friends Waddle Dee from the clutches of the Beast Pack. To carry out his mission, the character can count on his legendary appetite, which allows him to steal enemy powers.

It is clear that after four years of waiting, Kirby’s gluttony hasn’t let up. It even seems to have gotten worse: now the pink ball not only swallows its enemies, but also attacks inanimate objects. With transmorphism, players can take control of a slew of decor elements, from construction cones to cars to soda dispensers. A bias that brings a real ingame renewal. If Kirby has eyes bigger than his stomach, his hyperphagia attacks have the advantage of offering us formidable powers. The concept of swallowing an entire staircase turns out to be a little surprising at first, but quickly becomes as natural as piloting the character through a disused shopping center.

If it sometimes lacks freedom, the forgotten world of Kirby is full of details and side missions that will delight completers. This is also what makes all its salt: each element of the game turns out to be perfectly oiled, from the main adventure to the bonus missions that challenge players between two levels. By sprinkling a gameplay known to all with a good dose of novelty, this opus manages to find the right balance between nostalgia and risk takingwhich Nintendo has been sorely lacking in recent years.

Discover Kirby and the Forgotten World on Nintendo Switch

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